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Food Grade Packaging

We are picky about the quality packaging we recommend and sell, because we’ve been in the business too: we understand the ┬áissues and know what to look for! We make sure the packaging we sell is not only safe and of good quality, but makes your product look good! We stand behind our products, their safety and quality, to help you succeed!

The packaging industry has been revolutionized by technology and new materials, and especially plastics to create many new applications for food packaging. Our sources are domestic and worldwide giving us a wide range of products using the latest technologies for produce, bakery, deli, sushi, meat, meal trays, freezer to oven/microwave and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for: ask! We can source many different packaging products, food items such as green tea, and even chopsticks!

If your high-value product doesn’t stand out from the crowd, how will you get customers and grow your business? We’re well connected and can work with you and our many sources to bring your outstanding custom package design to life!